Energy Principles

Man’s quest for success often leads him to ignore the ‘self’. It is imperative to understand the ‘self’ if one is to understand other people. In the context of businesses of the future, founders and CEOs will find it difficult to stay on the path of growth unless they understand the energies that drive people and make them think and feel they do. The ‘Energy Principles’ are essays based on Indic philosophy and modern psychological theories that help to demystify human behavior and present ideas for how to understand and manage the ‘self’ and others around us.

Download the essays from the links provided below.

    • Quest for Higher Energy

This essay talks of the human journey to reach higher levels of consciousness and what drives us in this journey. Download PDF

    • The Energies at Work

The world around us is buzzing with energies of different kinds which affect our moods and behaviour from time to time. This essay describes how people with different energies interact. Download PDF

    • Yellow Energy

The highest level of consciousness resides in those with golden energy. The essay describes the nature of people who have achieved their purpose in the universe and are on their way to being one with the divine. Download PDF

    • Orange Energy

People with this type of energy are highly evolved, are pure in their thoughts, words and actions and have an inherent desire to serve people. Download PDF

    • Red Energy

This essay talks about the characteristics of individuals with red energy. Such people are driven and focussed and have charted their own path for success. Download PDF

    • Brown Energy

This essay describes people wth brown energy and how they think and behave in the workplace and in their personal lives. Download PDF

    • Dark Energy

This energy describes people in certain phases of their lives when they lose all perspective in life. Download PDF