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The awakening: In which I discover an old soul in a young friend

Two years ago I attended a 23 day silent meditation program in Dharamsala at Ajay and Suruchi’s center called Zmeditation and it has been one of the hardest things I have done in the course of my spiritual journey. Our program comprised nine individuals, each from a different country – Ariana, a healthcare professional from Canada, Rasmus, a pilot from Denmark, Christina a pharmacist from Germany, Christian a KPMG consultant from Hungry, Zandra a teacher from Sweden, Leela a grandmother from Malaysia, Lee a teacher from China, Gary from Canada, and I was the token representative from India. In terms of age, most of us were in our mid or late 30s, except for two people – Leela who was in her mid 50s and Christina who was 21.

Thinking back, I remember being friendlier to those in my age group. Also I think I consciously avoided women because I thought most of them had been inspired by the book Eat, Pray and Love! I was a bit of a spiritual snob then and thought that the men were more serious students of the divine while the women were on an inexpensive detox trip. This was expecially true of Christina. When I looked at her, I had a stereotypical notion that a girl her age should be dancing in a discotheque in Germany and getting drunk. I didn’t think she was ready to sit through a 23 day silent mediation program in the Himalayas. Read More →