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The Infinite Journey of Our Souls

“Who am I” and “Why am I here” are questions that have plagued us all at some time in our lives. The answers to these cosmic questions lies in part in our past lives. As a student of the Bhagvad Gita, I believe in reincarnation and multiple lives so I felt compelled to explore my own past lives in order to determine where I have come from and how it defines my purpose in this lifetime. Two techniques that I wanted to investigate, in this context, were Past Life Regression (PLR) and Akashic Records Reading (ARR). Read More →

Gurudakshina: Repaying an Infinite Debt

In learning, we grow. A soul chooses its script basis its past lives, lessons learnt, and still to be learnt. Then too we learn from the environment, from our experiences and from observing people around us. But most of all we learn from our teachers. Teachers dot every point on the map of our lives, starting with one’s parents and primary caregivers to our teachers in school, university and all those people who help achieve our life’s purpose. And then there are our spiritual teachers. The person or persons who help us realize the potential of our souls and connect to the universe. Each of these people impart infinite wisdom and in doing so shape and mold our lives and our consciousness. Read More →