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Why do we try to change people

One of the hardest lessons we learn in life is that one can only change oneself. It is futile to try to change someone else to suit one’s needs. It is only one’s own ‘programming’ that can be changed because we control our own consciousness.

However much a friend, relative or colleague’s behaviour might frustrate us, we must learn to focus on what we value in them. The best way to change or influence positive changes in our loved ones is by being an example. Typically it is the ones we love the most whom we try to change. We tend to forget that perhaps we love these people because they are different from us; you know the old saying – “opposites attract”. Besides, there are positive and negative qualities in all people including ourselves and sometimes people who are different from us may help us realise and overcome our own negatives and vice versa. Read More →

The Marital Journey

Marriage is a social recognition of the coming together of two people with accompanying rights, duties and obligations towards each other, any children that result from the union, and each other’s families. While different cultures have different wedding rituals, the understanding of marriage as stated above, is almost universal with few variations. Traditionally, men and women have had different roles to play in the marriage, but with changing gender norms this is undergoing change as well, albeit slowly and perhaps painfully. Read More →